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Fiber Optic Sensing from 180 nm to 2500 nm

Light transfer with Certified Optical Fiber for UV/VIS & NIR Sensing

System Design with certified Fiber Optic Assemblies

Process Interfaces wir Flowcells and Immersion Probes

Single Use Flowcells for absorbance and scattering

Fast O2 and pH fiber optic sensors for laboratory and process

Robust spectral sensors purpose built for industrial process environment


UV/VIS/NIR Light guiding with fibers in your instrumentation

Qualified Light transfer with optical fibers from 180 to 2500 nm

Bioprocess Control, Protein Detection, Flow Injection Analysis, HPLC, Food Monitoring

Optogenetics, Illumination, Laboratory & Process Control

Fluorescence, Absorbance, Raman, Scattering Measurements

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Lytegate Software Services Lytegate Software Services Lytegate Software Services

Certificaton & OEM Design

Qualified Fiber with UV Light Transmission starting at 185 nm (DIN 58145)

Qualified UV Light Solarization Resistance starting at 185 nm (DIN 58145)

Design and manufacture of certified fiber assemblies for OEM applications

Design and manufacture of certified immersion probes and flowcells

Consulting services for UV/VIS/NIR instrumentation design


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