• Fiber Optic Dipping Probe for laboratory and
    commercial use. Industrial versions are available
    on special order.
  • 2, 5 and 10 mm non-adjustable pathlengths.
  • 200 - 1200 nm wavelength range.
  • SMA 905 fiber termination, for easy coupling to most
    detectors and light sources. Other terminations
    available as a custom order.
  • Quality German design.
  • 600 μm fibers for high optical throughput, with other
    sizes available as a custom order.


  • Excellent UV transmission starting at 200 nm.
  • Small 4 mm shaft diameter for minimum liquid
  • Flow optimized probe head for stirred liquids.
  • Easy-to-handle ergonomically formed handle makes
    it easy for technicians to get repeatable results,
    especially with the available dip stand.
  • Compatible with SMA fiber couplers from Agilent,
    Perkin Elmer, Thermo, Mettler Toledo, Shimadzu,
    Ocean Insight, Avantes and many others.
  • Range of accessories such as filters, flow through
    sample chambers and much more.





Dipping Probe, 2 mm path, 600µm, SMA, UV-VIS

Dipping Probe, 5 mm path, 600µm, SMA, UV-VIS

Dipping Probe, 10 mm path, 600µm, SMA, UV-VIS




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